Roger Lips has made a career out of spotting opportunities. As a real estate investor with over thirty years of experience in his field, Roger is well-versed in the intricacies of property development and enjoys the challenge that projects in the industry so often pose. Though he is currently based primarily in Dubai, Roger has held an active role in directing projects across Europe and, more recently, the Middle East. His formal education underpins his practical knowledge; he holds a Master’s Degree in Business Economics with a concentration in Corporate Finance and Marketing from the University of Tilburg, as well as a Master of Real Estate from the University of Amsterdam. Currently, Roger Lips dedicates his time to furthering innovative investment projects in Dubai’s high-potential real estate market. 

Roger Lips has long enjoyed seeing disparate parts of an investment puzzle and finding ways to fit seemingly disconnected ideas into a cohesive and profitable whole. It was this interest in analytical ideation that first drew him to the real estate investment field. During his first experience in the sector as an intern, Roger began to appreciate the sheer complexity of the industry. He saw the high-knowledge nature of the real estate investment sector as a welcome and rewarding challenge and knew that he could thrive as an innovator if only given a chance. 

However, that chance felt somewhat out of reach in Roger Lips’ early career. A problem-solver at heart, he began to feel frustrated when his colleagues and managers insisted on following inefficient procedures or executing mediocre project ideas. Eventually, he realized that working as a cog in another’s corporate machine did not suit him; he wanted to be the engineer behind an innovation of his own design. However, Roger Lips knew that he couldn’t leap directly into entrepreneurship. He spent the next few years of his professional life gathering the skills and industry experience he needed to thrive as an independent investor, first at the company he interned with, and then with a corporate banking institution. 

After three long years of working in corporate finance, Roger Lips decided to pack up his desk and try his hand at independent investment. He began buying investment assets and developing productive, collaborative partnerships with like-minded innovators. His first significant project centered around a massive stone building that was nearly useless in its original role as the office of a local municipality. Recognizing that the building was ideally located for residential and commercial offerings, Roger directed his team to partially demolish the structure and rebuild it into a shopping center and apartments. The projects resulting success propelled Roger into a series of intriguing projects that spanned the gamut from retail to commercial to residential constructions. 

Today, Roger Lips dedicates himself to furthering promising investment initiatives in Dubai’s high-potential real estate market. He believes that while the fast-expanding market currently struggles with growing pains, it offers tremendous potential to investors who are willing to take on the challenge it provides.

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Roger Lips
Roger Lips
Roger Lips has long appreciated the puzzles and complexities of real estate investment. An analytical innovator at heart, Roger has dedicated the whole of his three-decades-long career to building profitable investments from ambitious and out-of-the-box ideas. Though he now focuses his attention on projects in Dubai, Roger has made his mark in markets across Europe and, more recently, the Middle East.

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